Pokémon Unite Reveals Duraludon Release Date

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a free MOBA style game with 5v5 team battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level up by defeating wild and opposing Pokemon. Players also collect Aeos energy from wild Pokemon and attempt to score points on the opponent’s side.

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Although the game lacks several features of traditional Pokémon games (like type advantages), is still a fun mix of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon. And while the game is free to play, players must purchase Unite licenses from the in-game store to use these Pokémon in matches. Unite licenses can be purchased using Aeos Coins, an in-game currency earned by playing matches, or using premium currency purchased with real money.

Duraludon follows a slew of other additions to the roster, which include powerful new Pokémon. The game has already introduced Trevenant, Hoopa, and Aegislash in recent months, each with new tricks and abilities. Hoopa, in particular, proved to be a powerful Pokémon, as it was the first Pokémon to have long-range teleport abilities. Hoopa’s moveset required an additional update to fix as it was found to have a number of unforeseen side effects on players.

Duraludon will be added to Pokemon Unite next week. Pokemon Unite is available as a free game on nintendo switch and mobile devices.

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