Nintendo Switch OLED shows burn-in – after 3,600 hours

Burn-in is one of the most feared and misunderstood display issues in modern technology. That’s why youtuber Bob Wulff – known as WulffDen – decided to pick up a Nintendo Switch OLED to your limits to see if you could reproduce the fault on your screen. The bad news is that he did it, but the good news is that it took him 3,600 hours to do it.

To put this test into perspective, that number of hours adds up to a total of 150 days. That is, 5 months of screen lit in the exact same frame, without using the switch’s auto fade, including. WulffDen used a controller from an alternate manufacturer to program automatic control movements and not let the console screen darken.

In other words, this is a situation that is virtually impossible to reproduce in normal usability of Nintendo’s handheld console. And yet, according to WulffDen, the “ghosting” was barely noticeable, and the video game really still seems very usable.

Burn-in is an effect that can occur on LED screens when small light-emitting diodes burn out with a continuously reproduced image on the screen, leaving a “shadow” of those shapes, or “ghosting” as it is referred to. also calls.

WulffDen intends to continue abusing his Nintendo Switch OLED to see exactly how long it will take to render his screen unusable.

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