Android space issues? Google will fix the problem soon

Space management on an Android smartphone has always been a problem, but brands have got around it with the availability of models with more storage. Yet, especially on older equipment, this is not a real possibility.

To minimize the problem on Android, Google seems to have a solution, with the possibility of archiving applications.

Android space Google app storage

It will be simple to save space on Android

One of the easiest ways to reclaim space on a smartphone, and not just on Android, is to delete apps. Many have offerings that they don't use on a recurring basis and don't need to be on the equipment. Therefore, they can be eliminated to save space.

Google wants to change this scenario and is preparing an important novelty for programmers, through Bundletool and Gradle Plugin. Soon, these will be able to create proposals that users can use to reduce the space occupied on users' smartphones.

Android space Google app storage

Android apps do this space management

than google revealed, the new Bundletool technology will manage to reduce the space occupied by each application by 60%. Better still, its ability not to affect user data. This ensures that even if the application is reused, all data is retained.

To make this new feature a reality, and thus avoid uninstalling an application, only parts will be deleted. These will be placed in a specific Android package, which will be archived on the Android smartphone itself. This packet will hold the data until it is retrieved.

Android space Google app storage

Storage Overload without Data Loss

Although it has been revealed to the developers, it will not work right away. It will depend on the arrival of Bundletool 1.10 and Gradle Plugin 7.3 on Android, which Google will do this year. The novelty of Android can also be used later by other application stores.

Anyone who opts for smartphones with less storage capacity will have great help here. Without losing any data or even apps, users will gain valuable space on Android.

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