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Before officially releasing new features, the WhatsApp usually tests them with a select group of users. This is done through the beta version of the application, which can be installed on Android and iPhone.

O WhatsApp The beta version is the version that allows developers to identify errors and make necessary adjustments to new application features. (see below how to install). On Android and iPhone, there are a limited number of seats for users who will receive new features before others.

The idea of ​​releasing news to a smaller group of users first is to ensure that any issues in this update will not cause inconvenience to the entire user base. In WhatsApp’s case, that’s over 2 billion people..

It is through the beta version that changes like the one that allows to use the WhatsApp Web even if the mobile phone is disconnected from the Internet. The option started testing in July 2021 and was brought to more users in November this year.

how to enter WhatsApp Beta on Android

  1. Access to “Play store”;
  2. search by WhatsApp;
  3. On the application page, find the section “Join the beta program”;
  4. click on it “To participate” and validate the choice of the new window that will appear.

The messaging beta area may not be available on the Play Store. If this happens, the store should provide a warning that “this app’s beta program has reached the participation limit”, which will prevent the trial version from installing.

At the time of publication of this report, the beta version of WhatsApp on Android it did not allow new participants to enter.

how to enter WhatsApp Beta on iPhone

  1. In the App Store, search “Test flight”;
  2. click on it “To have”;
  3. Then open the page WhatsApp in TestFlight;
  4. click on it “Accept”;
  5. click on it “To install” and validate your choice.

The app also has a limited number of spots for its beta version on iPhone. Therefore, it is possible that the TestFlight page reports that “this beta has already reached the limit of testers”.

At the time of publication, the WhatsApp in TestFlight did not accept new users in the beta.

search by g1O WhatsApp has confirmed that its beta version has reached the participation limit. “App users can track when the test program is available through the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store,” the platform said.

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