Ubisoft and Take-Two join protest against Russia

Two other large companies have just announced that they have stopped selling on Russian territory. In protest against the invasion of Ukraine, the Ubisoft and Take two interactive sales have ceased.

In a brief comment via the official blog, the Ubisoft specifies that “in the face of the continuing tragedy in Ukraine”decided “suspend sales in Russia”. Nothing more is said in this update, but already before the company had expressed its concern about what is happening in this invaded country. She had previously indicated that she would help her employees in this country and that she would monitor the situation.

Regarding the take twoalso issued a statement, this time in an email from Vice President Alan Lewis to the website Gamer on PC. Lewis explains that ” after careful consideration “decided to stop the “new sales, installations and marketing support” on all its brands in Russia and also in Belarus.

Ubisoft and Take-Two thus join companies such as electronic arts, Microsoft, RED Project CD and others restrictions on access to entertainment on Russian territory. It should be noted that some of these companies, such as nintendounintentionally restricted access, others such as PlayStation did not comment on restrictions but implemented them in the same.

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