Take-Two suspends sales in Russia and Belarus

THE Interactive Take-Two announced on Monday (07) that it had suspended its activities in Russia and Belarus due to the war in Ukraine. Now all sales, marketing, service, and even installation of home games have been vetoed in the territories.

The news comes from the publisher’s vice president of corporate communications and public affairs, Alan Lewis, in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz. The executive reported that after “a thorough review last week”, the company decided to make such a decision.

We watch recent events unfold in Ukraine with concern and sadness.

After careful consideration, we decided last week to halt sales, installations and marketing support for all our brands in Russia and Belarus for the time being.

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Take-Two sheets might be the most impactful yet

The invasion of Russian forces in Ukraine lasted almost two weeks and, in addition to gaming industry companies, such as AND THE and RED Project CDwhich also announced the suspension of sales there, other countries apply economic sanctions to Russia, in retaliation for the war.

However, according to a survey by Newzoo, shared directly with GamesIndustry.biz, Take-Two’s departure is the most impactful yet: GTA Vfrom Rockstar (which is owned by the publisher), is the third most popular title in the country, just behind CS: GO and DOTA 2.

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