Player completes Elden Ring in 2.5 hours without dying once

You can kill the final boss in less time than it takes a lot of people to get the Torrente Horse

While many players Ring of Elden are still exploring their universe and discover new things after dozens of hours of play, there are already some who manage to finish the title in a few hours. Speedrunner Niko Bellic posted a recording on YouTube which shows that is it possible to reach the end of the title without dying in just over 2h30.

To achieve this time – which is less than many people spend beating the first boss – he had to use as many shortcuts as possible. Furthermore, any type of exploration has been left out: So, the biggest hurdles in the player’s way were the game’s load times and port animations.

Although the video brings several curiosities about how From Software built the Elden Ring universe, Watching it is not recommended for beginner players. This is because it reveals lots of shortcuts and secrets which help to shorten the game and can hurt your discovery experience a bit.

Torrent Horse is essential for speedrunning

The most important piece to achieve for niko bellic Elden Ring finish in such a short time is the torrent horse. With the help of the creature, player can evade most threats in the gameas well as reaching places on the map that a player walking on foot would struggle to reach.

It is to highlight that the player does not use any type of cheat or bug to complete the adventure, and still have to face a few challenges to be able to face the final boss. Among them is the need to collect stones that guarantee the possibility of doing the weapon upgrade – without them, the basic equipment of the game does not do much damage to creatures in advanced areas.

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How many hours do I have to play to beat Elden Ring?

How many hours do I have to play to beat Elden Ring?
It’s good to reserve a few dozen hours to face the adventure of From Software

Speedrun is expected to open doors for other people finish the game in even less time, taking advantage of shortcuts that may have been overlooked by the player. According to the developers at From Software, a normal player should take about 30 hours to complete the adventure, which offers dozens more hours for those who want to explore all it has to offer.


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