Pato Bragado confirms the first dengue case of the year

The epidemiological surveillance of Pato Bragado confirmed last Friday (04), the first case of dengue fever. This is a young woman who lives in the town, but who contracted the disease in a neighboring town, which proves the circulation of the virus in the region.

The patient consulted the Basic Health Unit (UBS), after presenting with classic symptoms of red spots on the body, pain in the joints and behind the eyes. The rapid test was performed and confirmed infection with the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The head of the endemic diseases division, Cleber dos Santos, says that after two consecutive years of epidemics, the municipality has so far enjoyed a peaceful panorama regarding dengue fever. With the situation under control, epidemiology has carried out prevention work throughout the year, so that there are no mosquito epidemics, such as the trawler this week, which had the important public cooperation.

According to him, the proliferation of the transmitter mosquito increases a lot in summer and it is absolutely necessary for people to eliminate all types of stagnant water such as plant pots, bottles, garbage, animal waterers, plastic cups. , among other places where mosquito larvae breed. . “There are also other nasties that aren’t always visible, like clogged gutters, tree hollows, bromeliads, and outdoor refrigerator trays,” Santos points out.

In order for people to remain insightful about the symptoms of dengue, so that they are not confused with those of Covid-19, it is important that people do not have any doubts. The referral is to immediately call the on-call number (45) 99969-4608 to report symptoms and receive the first home assessment.

state overview

The Dengue Weekly Bulletin released Wednesday (2) by the State Department of Health records 22,682 suspected cases, with 1,407 confirmed. There are 297 more cases than the previous report. The data comes from the 27th epidemiological report, from the new seasonal period of the disease, which began on August 1 and is expected to continue until July 2022.

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