Marques de Souza teams intensify their actions to contain the proliferation of Aedes

To fight against the mosquito that transmits dengue fever, chikungunya and zika, the Municipal Department of Health and Housing is stepping up its actions in Marques de Souza.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, visits by endemic control agents are focused on a new mode of action, with visits to the peri-domiciliary area: front, sides and back of the yard or land.

According to the epidemic agent, Marcelo Grohe, visits are made frequently to strategic points to guide the population on the procedures for preventing and combating mosquito epidemics: “We have a high incidence of mosquitoes. This time is conducive to the appearance of mosquitoes and black flies. And by taking the same preventative care, you can reduce their appearance,” he says.

According to Grohe, there are still a considerable number of inhabitants who store water incorrectly. “It is exposed and facilitates the proliferation of mosquitoes. We have not yet reached zero the number of Aedes Aegypti, but we have achieved a drastic reduction in its incidence thanks to everyone’s help and collaboration.

This period of heavy rains and intense heat aggravates the problem. The dengue mosquito has domestic habits and people have to adopt a routine inside the house, unclogging gutters, covering water tanks, filtering pipes and especially drying potted plants, recalls- he.

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