Elden Ring can earn DLC with PVP mode

The world of Ring of Elden is huge to discover, but an unexplored part of the Midlands map is intrigued by players. Fans of FromSoftware’s game debate the importance of the Colosseums, structures that remain enclosed in the adventure.

The most common hunch is that locations will be used in post-launch additions such as competitive player content or even a Boss Rush. The thesis was reinforced in the opening area of ​​the game, Limgrave. There, a Colosseum is guarded by a ghostly figure, who wonders why he can’t enter space.

The Coliseums of Ring of Elden are ready, although inaccessible. A dataminer named Lance McDonald posted a video showing the venues indoor area, complete with a central arena, spectator stands and elevators. There are colosseums found in various parts of the map.

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Content may have been cut from the final version of Ring of Elden or really mean the arrival of full PvP (player versus player) DLC in the future. While invasions are available on the quest, players have created hope with the addition of a dedicated area for Contaminated Encounters.

The structures are there, although inaccessible (Image: Reproduction/Lance McDonald)

Officially, FromSoftware has not announced any additional content. Until now. Ring of Elden outmoded dark souls 3 and became the best-selling Soulslike game of the genre.

In Ring of Elden, the player embodies a Tainted warrior guided by the force of Grace to wield the power of the Pristine Ring and become a Pristine Lord. The plot takes place in the Midlands, a place ruled by Queen Marika. Combining FromSoftware’s tough combat formula and an open world, the title is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox series S, Xbox series X and PC (through Steam).

Source: IGN

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