CHEAP ALEXA | The entire Echo range is on sale on Amazon this week

Amazon’s Echo line of products is one of the most affordable ways to make your home more connected. The line’s equipment has microphones for voice recognition, allowing you to use the virtual assistant Alexa to ask questions on various topics, play music, create reminders, listen to the news of the day, stay on top weather forecasts, in addition to many other possibilities, such as controlling other connected devices.

The Echo line of devices, which include smart speakers and displays, are on sale on Amazon during Consumer Week, with very attractive prices for investing in a virtual assistant.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The 3rd generation model of the Echo Dot is smaller than the newer version and is still a great choice for those looking to save some cash. Its format is even more compact than the other models in the range, with dimensions of only 43 mm x 99 mm x 99 mm and a weight of 300 grams.

All of the Alexa features that are available on the more expensive models are also here, allowing you to control other devices around the house, listen to music and enjoy all the virtual assistant features for even more. less. It’s also a great addition to larger homes, where you can place a smaller device in the bedroom and a larger one in the living room, ensuring your requests are always heard.

Echo Dot (4th Gen)

The new Echo Dot has a different form factor, but it retains everything that made Amazon’s smart devices so successful. It features a new front-facing audio design that promises to bring you deeper sounds and a superior experience when listening to music, podcasts, and whatever else you want to listen to. Even so, it remains small in size and can be easily placed anywhere in the house that has access to an outlet and Wi-Fi.

With the superior sound quality of this new model, it becomes an even more interesting option for those who want to have a quality speaker at home. Just leave it plugged into a corner, always ready to hear your song request and start playing. It’s one of Amazon’s most popular products precisely because it offers excellent value for money for those looking to make their home smarter and have more connected devices.

This new version also has a model with a clock, which is ideal for those who want a device of the type next to their bed. It has the same sound quality as the conventional model and full compatibility with Alexa. Its differential is a display which always indicates the time on the front.

Echo (4th Generation)

Amazon Echo equipped with Alexa virtual assistant (Image: Handout/Amazon)

One of the primary uses for Echo devices is to have them play music from your favorite streaming service at all times, which eventually turns these devices into the main speaker in many homes. For those who intend to do so and want an even more complete audio experience, it is worth investing in the New Echo, which also has a spherical shape and brings novelties in this area.

Its sound is more powerful than the smaller model, with three speakers instead of just one. This makes it ideal for use in larger, more open spaces, especially if you may be listening to loud music in the room. The New Echo also has a sensor that recognizes the propagation of sound and optimizes the audio to take full advantage of the characteristics of the environment in which it has been placed.

echo show

One of the most advanced models in the range, the Echo Show is a smart display because it offers more than just a smart speaker: it also has a touchscreen that the user can interact with. They measure 5.5 inches on the Echo Show 5, 8 inches on the Echo Show 8 and so on, and the idea is that in addition to organizing your daily life with Alexa for this, you can also have fun with content that requires a screen. .

The Echo Show lets you check lyrics while you listen, watch important news of the day, watch sports highlights, enjoy shows and movies, and video call with friends and family. Services such as YouTube can be accessed through the system browser. The device is also able to connect to other Echos spread around the house.

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