“Abramovich was one of the worst things to happen to English football”

simon Jordan, former owner of Crystal Palace, gave an interview on British radio on Monday talkSPORTin which he does not spare criticism of Roman Abramovich for the work done at Chelsea.

The millionaire was forced to put the club up for sale due to scrutiny over his relationship with Vladimir, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces, and, in the opinion of the Englishman, he will not miss not.

“Roman Abramovich was one of the worst things that could have happened to English football. We were on an upward trajectory, our Premier League was already on, we already had the televisions throwing money at us. What he has done is create hyperinflation,” he said. said. .

“These people don’t buy these clubs because they love them. They buy them because they want to have a life insurance policy against political leanings. They want to own our clubs and we think that’s great. “, he continued.

“Now we have a generation of players without character, without backbone, without content, who receive too much money. The immorality of football comes to the fore, and that seems to me a tragedy. It is a reality and the lack of governance behind the scenes of the sport allows them to do so,” he concluded.

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