″It’s like being in an office″


Ferdinand thinks Manchester United players don’t like each other, but they don’t show it either and they don’t do anything to improve the situation.

Manchester United’s 4-1 derby defeat to City left ex-Red Devils footballer Rio Ferdinand unhappy. Besides the negative result, the position of the team did not please the now sports commentator.

“I get the impression from the outside that they all just want to be companions. No one wants to step outside. It’s like they’re in an office: they’re all fine, but they don’t like each other and won we don’t tell each other.. It’s like one is doing something wrong there, another is messing up the photocopier, that one’s emails were fake, but to keep the stable boat they wouldn’t say anything”, commented the Englishman on the Vibe With Five program of his channel on Youtube.

“I don’t see an answer, their body language is horrible, they walk around like the world is against them, still unhappy. They play for Manchester United, in a derby. To win you have to push people, tell them that they’re not playing well. It doesn’t have to be aggressive, it can be just a conversation,” he said.

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