WhatsApp is testing polling functionality in chat groups

The polling tool in groups is a way for users to make topics available for voting in order to hear the opinion of participants. It works very well in Facebook groups and, as such, the company Meta, mother of the largest social networks, also wants to migrate this option to WhatsApp.

Second informationwho has the latest beta version for iOS can test it now.

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Polls in WhatsApp groups

The next novelty of WhatsApp has already been unveiled. As seen in Beta for iOS, users will now be able to post polls in newsgroups. This form of interaction makes it possible to hear the opinion of the elements of this group on a certain question put to the vote.

As we can see in this screenshot, where the poll setup process is shown, users will be able to ask a question and group members will be able to choose from predefined answers.

Polls will only be available in WhatsApp groups and are end-to-end encrypted, meaning only people in the group can see the questions up for vote, as well as the results.

A poll function is already present in the competing application, Telegram. On this platform, which is home to thousands of communities through similar resources dedicated to making groups more functional, this is a much-requested feature. Telegram introduced polls to the group in 2018.

And when will this novelty hit the general public?

For now, as we have seen in other novelties also presented in beta versions, there is no release date. Not even if the next version will include polls.

Additionally, WhatsApp is also testing a dedicated "Community" tab to make it easier for users to follow groups and communities. The Community tab should replace the existing Camera tab.

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