What are the health risks of a simple kiss on the mouth?

What are the health risks of a simple kiss on the mouth?

What are the health risks of a simple kiss on the mouth?

“To the surprise of careless couples, a simple kiss on the mouth should be consciously evaluated, as there are imminent risks of contracting a serious illness for the rest of your life,” says Mauro Macêdo, master in dentistry and member of the Brazilian Academy. of Dentistry.

“Kissing is a form of direct contagion of diseases, since millions of viruses and bacteria are present in the saliva of each individual and some of them may be sick. So, before starting your adventure, err on the side of caution and prevention,” he said.

Among the dozens of diseases that can be transmitted by kissing, the specialist highlights cavities, sexually transmitted infections – herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV -, respiratory diseases – flu, colds, influenza -, diseases of the digestive tract and the Covid-19.

Caries, Mauro points out, is a multifactorial infectious disease caused primarily by microorganisms that can be transmitted orally.

Contamination by Epstein-Bar, the virus responsible for mononucleosis, also called “kissing disease”, happens in the same way. The disease may be asymptomatic or confused with other common winter respiratory illnesses. According to the specialist, among the symptoms are: prolonged fever, body aches, lumps in the neck and tonsillitis and there is no treatment.

Once infected, a person can have the virus in their body forever, and under special circumstances it can still be transmitted.

According to Mauro, one contaminated kiss is enough to acquire a new disease for life. “There is no such thing as a 100% safe kiss. Therefore, be attentive to clinical signs such as: blisters, mouth sores, warts, throat secretion, bad breath, cough and shortness of breath,” he concludes.

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