Vaccines ‘now account for nine in 10 Covid-19 deaths’ in UK? Not quite – Viral

“While you are distracted by the invasion of Russia, the British government has released a report confirming that fully vaccinated people now represent 9 out of 10 deaths from Covid-19 in England”, comments the author of a publication on Instagram, dated March 1.

In addition to the text, a table is shared with five columns that represent different vaccination status: unvaccinated, vaccinated with one dose, vaccinated with two doses, vaccinated with three doses and the sum of all vaccinated. O Publish presents as a source the follow-up report vaccine against Covid19, published by the British Health Safety Agency for February 24, 2022.

Are these data authentic?

The polygraph analyzed the document in question and found the statistics that were used to create this graph. The table presents data on deaths due to Covid-19, over a period of 28 or 60 days since the identification of the virus, divided by vaccination status and age group of victims. These figures refer to the period between the fourth and the seventh week, that is to say from January 24 to February 20.

When we add the data given in the table, we find the same values which are disclosed in the graphic:

  • Deaths in the unvaccinated – 559
  • Deaths with one dose of vaccine – 147
  • Deaths with two doses of vaccine – 1035
  • Deaths with three doses of vaccine – 3,120
  • Total recorded deaths among those vaccinated – 4302

Although the figures are correct, the author of the publication under study omitted an important note of the report: “In a context of very high vaccination coverage of the population, even with high vaccine efficacy, it is predictable that a large proportion of cases, hospitalizations and deaths occur among vaccinated people, simply because there is a a greater proportion of the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated population and no vaccine is 100% effective.

As of February 20, 69.4% of the UK population had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and 64.7% had received the second dose. As for the booster dose – also identified as the third dose – it had already been administered to 50.1% of the population. The oldest age groups are those with the highest vaccination coverage.

The British health authorities consider that the administration of three doses showed “high levels of protection (greater than 90%)” in infection by the Alpha and Delta variants and argue that the administration of the third dose does not increase the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing mortality by 59% (25 weeks after administration of the second dose) to 95% (two weeks after administration of the third dose).

Also leaked data by the UK Office for National Statistics show difference between the number of deaths recorded among users who received two or three doses and citizens who were not vaccinated or who received only one dose of the vaccine. The first present drop in death toll.

“The risk of death from Covid-19 in the second part of 2021 (July to December) was 93.4% lower for people who received the third dose of the vaccine. [administrada] at least 21 days earlier, compared to unvaccinated people. For people who received the second dose of vaccine at least 21 days earlier, the risk of death from Covid-19 in the second part of 2021 was 81.2% lower than for unvaccinated people. During the first part of 2021 (January to June), it was 99.5% lower. »

However, the report warns that these statistical data “cannot be used to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine” because there are different characteristics between vaccinated and unvaccinated that are not taken into account in this analysis, namely health status of each patient. “Some deaths are to be expected among vaccinated people because the number of people vaccinated is high and no vaccine is 100% effective.”

In conclusion: although the figures used in the graph correspond to the data published by the British authorities, the information provided in the publication is decontextualized and misleads the reader. As the authors of the aforementioned report explain, the occurrence of a greater number of deaths among the population having a complete vaccination schedule is justified by the high vaccination rate in the country. British health authorities also point out that “no vaccine is 100% effective”.

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