Two brothers summon the population for the “10 minutes against dengue fever” campaign

The Ministry of Health of Dois Irmãos has promoted Friday (4) and Saturday (5), an action that is part of the “10 minutes against dengue fever” campaign.

Community health workers, as well as agents for the fight against endemic diseases, coordinated by the head of the Health Surveillance Department, Edna Monteiro, will be in the neighborhoods of Primavera, Moinho Velho and Navegantes, guiding the population, identifying and eliminating the Aedes aegypti mosquito outbreaks. .

The action, initially, is intended for these districts, which are those, for the moment, where the recurrence of cases of dengue fever is the highest. “Considering that it is the responsibility of all citizens to fight dengue fever, we invite all the population to take some time this weekend, barely 10 minutes, to review their homes, their backyards, eliminate mosquito epidemics. Dois Irmãos is a strong, demanding and united city. We have to take a big step,” said Health Secretary Júlia Lopes de Oliveira.

For the campaign to work, the Administration is counting on everyone’s collaboration. Dois Irmãos already has 310 notifications, with 113 confirmed cases, 72 cases being analyzed and two people hospitalized.

Photo: Leonardo Boufleur/Disclosure | Source: Advisory


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