Stegosaurus discovered in China may be the oldest in the world

A new species of stegosaurus has been found in Chongqing Municipality, China, and is thought to be the oldest (of the species) found on the Asian continent – and possibly in the world. It was named by scientists as Bashanosaurus primitivus“Bashan” which corresponds to the old name of the region of Chongqing where it was found, and “primitivus”, which in Latin means “the first”.

Dinosaur species lived on the planet 168 million years ago during the Middle Jurassic period. It was about 2.8 meters long, but it is not yet known whether it was an adult or a juvenile. Among the features seen in the fossil remains that distinguish it from other known stegosaurs include a smaller, less developed scapula, a bony projection of the femur positioned below the middle of the diaphysis, and thicker, forward-curving armor plate bases. outside.

“All of these features are clues to where stegosaurs fit in the dinosaur family tree. Bashanosaurus stands out from other Middle Jurassic stegosaurs and clearly represents a new species.assures scientist Dai Hui, who coordinated the study.

The team, made up of researchers from the Natural History Museum in London and the Bureau of Exploration and Development of Geological and Mineral Resources in Chongqing, China, also say it is one of the first stegosaurs unearthed in the world, and that the discovery suggests that stegosaurs originated in Asia.

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