Samsung will no longer provide chargers for all its smartphones

Samsung smartphones will no longer be sold with chargers

Currently, the Samsung does not provide any charger when the user buys a high-end smartphone, whether it is from the series galaxys or the Galaxy Z series. However, the South Korean company continues to supply this charger as a series Galaxy A and Galaxy M.

However, and according to the latest information, these two series of equipment will no longer be sold with a charger. Samsung could justify this choice citing environmental reasons, but it would also benefit in terms of cost savings, being able to lower product prices slightly, since the chip crisis has not been outdone and even battery chargers integrate management circuits which, although unrefined, involve the use of currently rare raw materials.

The information emerged on the social network Twitteron behalf of fleeing Yogesh Brar, who a few days ago shared the latest information on the upcoming Galaxy F23 (including the lack of the equipment charger) asking how Samsung would have justified its withdrawal on a smartphone worth 24,000 Indian rupees, or around 280 euros. At the moment, the accessory is included in all Galaxy except the top of the range, where the option to do without dates back to last year’s Galaxy S21.


Removing it from almost all Galaxys would, in fact, be a choice that could affect the entire market. The benefits that the environment would derive from it are not in question, the doubts concern rather the reaction of developing markets. Samsung, like Apple, which opened the line in this sense, would keep the charging/data transfer cable in the box, but save the planet millions of potential electronic waste per year.

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