Lajeado Against Dengue effort visits 490 homes and collects 7 loads of trash in Bom Pastor neighborhood

Photo: Francini Ledur/Disclosure

In Lajeado’s first dengue effort this year, held on Sunday morning (6), in Bom Pastor neighborhood, one of the most dengue-affected neighborhoods, with several suspected cases and 7 confirmed, resulted in the collection of 7 loads of rubble and waste. There were old furniture, pots, cans, pipes, bags, leftover materials and green waste that was accumulating water on unoccupied land or green spaces. A sound car circulated in the neighborhood alerting the community to the importance of keeping the house and the grounds clean to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes. Teams from the Departments of Health, Public Works and Services with the Department of Urban Services, Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development, Planning, Town Planning and Mobility took part to action.

On the same day, 490 houses were visited by the team of endemic agents, when residents received advice from the team or, when there was no one at home, explanatory material was left. In about twenty of them, larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever, were found. In the region most at risk, lots without properties have also been inspected but must be mowed and cleaned, and the owners of 25 lots will be informed to organize the action.

“Our role is above all to alert because everyone must do their part. But this type of action serves to mobilize the community, to orient and also to collect the waste wrongly deposited on the ground. We want to show the population the importance of doing this systematically. Dengue fever is here, and we all need to act to prevent it from spreading further,” deputy mayor Gláucia Schumacher said during the team meeting.

On unoccupied land, tires with larvae were located. They were emptied and recovered. “We have also received reports from residents who have spoken of symptoms they were having, possibly due to dengue fever. This indicates that in this area, as in others in the town, mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species are already infected and transmitting the virus. Therefore, it is essential that everyone reviews their homes and patios to eliminate breeding sites,” said environmental monitoring coordinator Catiana Lanius.

The municipality is expected to carry out other joint efforts in different areas of the city in the coming weeks with the aim of alerting the population to the need to take measures to reduce the impacts of dengue fever in the city. AI/VM

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