It will soon be possible to play Xbox games via xCloud using mouse and keyboard

Mouse and keyboard gameplay in Xbox games via xCloud is on the way, according to Microsoft Flight Simulator development lead Jorg Neumann.

Neumann confirmed the news in a Flight Simulator Q&A video, where he said that theoretically any Xbox game could feature the ability to be played with a mouse and keyboard.

“It’s support involving the platform, so it has nothing to do with us, obviously the mouse/keyboard works for our simulator. So the platform team is working on that, and no, I don’t can’t say when it will happen because it’s the platform team doing it. I don’t know their dates, but it’s in progress, and we’re also talking about getting the touch controller working.”

Neumann suggested the feature should arrive in the next few months or weeks, also saying he expects it to be ready no later than around June.

About the touch functionality, if you manage to get it working, it means that you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator using only the touch screen of your tablet or smartphone. In addition, support for gyroscope control is also in the works. “The gyroscope is actually quite good — you can immerse yourself more in the experience of flying an airplane,” Neumann said.

talk to The edgethe Xbox PR team did not deny the existence of mouse and keyboard support in xCloud, stating that Microsoft is indeed working on it but at the moment has nothing more to say about it .

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