Galaxy S22: the new generation of Samsung smartphones is a “puzzle” to be fixed

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In February, the Samsung unveiled its most recent Galaxy S22 smartphone range. Recently, the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s cameras, that SAPO TEK had the opportunity to experiencehave been put to the test by DxOMark, in a test with results below expectations.. Apart from their photographic skills, the repairability of the new smartphones also leaves something to be desired, as iFixit experts reveal.

After analyzing the interior of the Galaxy S22 and its Ultra version using X-rays, the technicians left to open the equipment. Similar to what happened when tearing down the previous generation, with the Galaxy S21 and the Ultra model of the rangethe process stands out on the negative side, including large amounts of “stubborn” adhesive.

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The situation is complicated in the case of the Ultra model. Due to the size of the chamber module, it was not possible to apply heat evenly to soften the adhesive. By applying some force to reach inside the equipment, the specialists ended up cracking the glass back panel.

As with the rear panels, technicians also details that The battery removal process is another “headache” for DIY repair enthusiasts, which shouldn’t be that complicated for a component with such a limited lifespan.

After venturing out to remove the myriad interior components of smartphones, it’s time to remove the screens, again the ultra-strong adhesive complicates the task again.

In short, the Galaxy S22 and its Ultra version score a 3 out of 10 on iFixit’s demanding repairability scale. Despite including news from inside its smartphones, Samsung “sins” of not prioritizing repairs to critical components, like the battery and screen.

iFixit | Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra repair score.

credits: iFixit

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Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra repair score. credits: iFixit

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