Elden Ring wins mod with photo mode for PC

the open world of Ring of Elden has breathtaking scenery and therefore it is a pity that the From software did not set photo mode to allow gamers to easily capture the beauty of these settings.

However, modder Otis_Inf decided to solve this problem for the community by creating a photo resource for the PRACTICE which will be available for free download until March 10.

In addition to photos, the modification also allows control of the FoV (Field of View or field of vision of the camera), the game speed and the camera even in the cutscenes. In addition, it offers other options such as playing time, being invisible to enemies, removing thumbnails, among others.

However, it should be remembered that using mods can lead to a ban if you play online and you should always disable Easy Anti-Cheat. It is therefore perhaps better to think carefully before taking advantage of Otis_Inf’s new project.

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