CPU BOOST: Is cooler important to increase CPU performance?

We explain why your processor may not be reaching its maximum frequency and why this is not a problem

We often receive the following situation here at Adrena: the person buys processor, look at the specs and the Base and Boost clocks are there. When the CPU is put to work, that Boost clock you saw is not happening. That’s why, in this video, we’re going to explain what’s going on – and why “not hitting that Boost” isn’t necessarily a problem.

Let’s start at the beginning: the processor having what we call base frequency/clock is where it will run at its minimum value, in sleep mode, for example. The Boost, on the other hand, is the maximum, in theory, that the processor to arrive at. However, it won’t be in gameplay where you want a high framerate that this max framerate will occur – or across all cores – in a normal situation. O processor normally it will operate in a frequency window between the two extremes, but it will not necessarily reach maximum Boost, as this occurs in very specific and ideal scenarios.

In the first moments, it is even more common to see higher frequencies, because the processor is always at a lower temperature. From the moment the CPU heats up, the windows to give it a bigger Boost decrease.

By implementing a better cooling solution, your processor will have more leeway to reach higher frequencies – not necessarily the maximum clock

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Maximum Boost will usually occur in a scenario where you are not in a multi-threaded application. Since you’re in a situation that’s programmed to happen on a single core, with no ability to distribute the tasks between the cores, modern processors from AMD and Intel will try to speed up that core as much as possible so that it finish the job as soon as possible. possible.before. At other times, the level of CPU cooling will allow it to have more headroom and stabilize at higher frequencies.

Worry if your CPU is running below base frequency

It should be mentioned that the tests performed in the video were based only on AMD processors. We even have a particular situation of AMD components in video, even exceeding the Boost clock, thanks to the company’s Precision Boost technology. However, we have also done tests with Intel processors and the general conclusion is the same.


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