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O Benfica B lost at the end of this Sunday afternoon, at Benfica Campus, by 1-2, with Varzim, in the 25th day of Liga 2.

Before kick-off, highlight initiative promoted by La Liga Portugalwith the three teams – Benfica B, Varzim and Arbitration – landing together with a clear message: “stop the war”alluding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Benfica B Varzim

On the four lines, during the first part, there was a Benfica B with more ball and initiativebut the Varzim was more effective and came out to break ahead. The first dangerous shot came from the north, towards the 3′. Pedro Álvaro had a bad approach and Heliardo to finish on the sidewith danger.

From here, plus sign of eagles, with several initiatives in the left aislewith Henrique Pereira as the protagonist and who left the Varzim’s defense of. The formation of Póvoa de Varzim held on somehow and tried, here and there, to emerge in the transition. In one of them, João Reis shot downHow? ‘Or’ What spherical always touching the pole of the benfiquista goal (25′).

First there was the threat, the goal came soon after. Recovery of the ball from the varzinistas in the advanced zone, Heliardo received with his back to the goal, left for Zé Tiago who shot from the edge of the area for the 0-1to the 28′. Benfica B tried to respond to the conceded goal. Dear Ndourin a good position, shot in centimeters Ricardo’s goal 31′. To the 36′, Henrique Pereira shot dead for a safe intervention by Ricardo. Varzim’s answer with the The double of Zé Tiago, at 37 ‘. Shot 10 at the corner. Svilar stretched well, but did not avoid the 0-2with which he arrived at interval at the Benfica campus.


O Benfica B came to the complementary stage with the whole rope. To the 48′, Henrique Araujoin the heart of the domain, fired, but Ricardo shot out and do the stain. Two minutes later, at 50 ‘, Cássio, on the goal line, avoids the celebrations by Tomas Araujo. We had the feeling in this movement, at the moment of the cross, that Martim Neto was carried by Rego outside the laws in the penalty area.

The game was scrambled and, at 53′, André Leão is sent off for complaints against a foul by a Varzim player. After Benfica B’s free kick, Henrique Araújo, first, finishing first. With the result at 0-2, the coach of the eagles, António Oliveira, began to change the pieces to change the suits and the changes had an effect…

To the 72′Umaro Embaló, one of the names launched in the second half, cross of the right and Henrique Araújo, full of opportunities, heads for 1-2. From there it was a starter for VarzimHow? ‘Or’ What Loading Benfica B, moving into the opposing midfield in search of another goal. To the 89′, Henrique Araújo forced Ricardo to defend by instinct. Before the final whistle, Umaro Embaló also saw the direct red card (90’+2′), a decision that seemed obviously over the top. In the last throw of the challenge (90’+8′), Tomás has everything to gain for Varzimbut Svilar blocked the goal paths. Final result at Benfica Campus: 1-2.

Benfica B continues with 47 points in Ligue 2 and on Friday he goes to Coimbra to measure the forces with Académica.

Benfica B Varzim


António Oliveira (Benfica B coach): “It’s a fact that we let points slip away and it’s in these clashes that championships are won. It is not necessary to motivate players in matches against teams that demonstrate this superiority in the standings, to motivate the players to attack the first half as it should have happened. We corrected it in the second half, we were more connected and we were more like us. The talent is unequivocal in terms of individual and collective quality, but he only makes sense if he knows how to maintain periods of consistent intensity throughout the game We were listless in the first half In the second half we were much more even compared to what we were doing. Fairness in football is what scores the most. I don’t make excuses, I get results. We have to be proactive, not reactive. There are no first winners. We feel the constant affection and warmth of the fans. We would have liked reward them with a victory.”

Henrique Araújo (Benfica B striker): “We started well, going towards Varzim. The ball didn’t go in at first and then we conceded two goals in defensive lapses. We weren’t competent to stop the opposition’s attacking transition. In the second halftime we tried to get back into the game. several situations to score. there was a lot of anti-match from Varzim. we know that they are fighting for maintenance, but I think it’s too much and that we need to change the mentality of Portuguese football. Varzim often had a defensive game with three central defenders, but we had chances that we didn’t. The fans understand that we really want to win. On Friday we have one more game, the team has to react, because we are well placed.”

Benfica B Varzim

Pitch n.º 1 of Campus Benfica
Benfica B eleven
Svilar, Fabio Baptista (60′, Philip Cruz)Tomás Araujo, Pedro Alvaro (73′, Joao Resende)Sandro Cruz, Rafael Brito, Cher Ndour, Martim Neto (60′, Joao Neto)Henrique Pereira 85′, Jair Tavares)Tiago Gouveia (60′, Umaro Embalo) and Henrique Araujo
Fábio Duarte, João Neto (60′), Jair Tavares (85′), João Resende (73′), Diogo Capitão, Miguel Nóbrega, Rafael Rodrigues, Filipe Cruz (60′) and Umaro Embaló (60′)
on break 0-2
Goal Benfica B
Henrique Araujo (72′)
clinical newsletter
Samuel Soares (Post-surgical status of right hand finger fracture); Luís Lopes (Injury to the internal lateral ligament of the right knee)

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