BBB 22: the chrome extension alerts when the BBB 22 participant is in front of the camera

Google Chrome

The developer has created a tool to notify the viewer when a BBB 22 player is in front of the camera

Chrome extension helps those following BBB 22 by Pay Per View
© Reproduction / InstagramChrome extension helps those following BBB 22 by Pay Per View

If you attend BBB 22 fur Pay per view, you have to imagine how difficult it is to accompany this particular participant. It is because the cameras to focus on relevance events and not exactly in the members of the residence. At times like these, it’s okay to vary until you find the player that sparks interest. But there are those who have thought of a solution to the problem.

The developer, Raphael Azevedoprepared a extension for the Chrome browser which uses facial recognition to know which participant is appearing on which camera. By identifying the brotheran alert is sent by the computer. THE Occupation it’s a hand on the wheel for those who like to follow a certain person without having to switch cameras.

“Looking at the payperview of Big brother Brazil at GloboplayI had to keep looking for the participants I wanted to follow between the cameras, and it bothered me as a viewer, ”he wrote in the LinkedIn. To achieve a satisfactory result, Rafael used Web Scraping techniques to access the cameras in the house.

He then used tools such as MTCNN, FACENET and SVM to predict the location of attendees. “Building this solution was a challenge that generated several lessons for me. I was happy with the result, which can still be improved, so PR is welcome!” he said in the post.

“With this, I know which participants are in each camera in real time. And then I created an API using FAST API to provide this data to an extension in Chrome. This extension takes care of automatically redirecting to the camera the participant that the viewer wishes to follow,” he concluded.

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