Autovoucher: find out how to benefit from a 20 euro reduction on fuel

The new Autovoucher modality has already entered into force, whose discount increase went from 25 euros in five months (an average of five euros per month) to an additional 20 euros during the month of March, which totals an accumulation from 45 euros.

The now improved engine was released in November. The measure is for help alleviate another increase of the price From fuelswhich reached new heights on Monday, due to the conflict in Ukraine.

This aid of 20 euros per month corresponds, for example, to a discount of 20 centimes per liter in the case of a filling of 50 liters per month; if you fill up with 100 liters per month, the average discount drops to 10 cents; if you fill up with 25 litres, the average discount is 40 cents: the maximum total amount being always the same (20 euros in March), the average “discount” is all the more important as the number of liters filled is weak.

The monthly support is reimbursed in one go from the first refueling carried out, regardless of the amount filled, and it is sufficient that the consumer has registered on the IVAucher platformmake the purchase with a bank card and that the to supply joined the Autovoucher.

The money is then transferred to the taxpayer’s bank account within a maximum of two working days.

Citizens who have not yet joined the program can register at any time, at In the portal it will be necessary to register the tax identification number, and the bank cards will be automatically associated. After joining, the system takes one business day to become active.

Service stations that have joined the Autovoucher:

So far, there are more than one and a half million Portuguese registered in this program, who can now receive a maximum of 45 euros in five months.

Remember that with the rising fuel prices, gas stations changed prices at midnight on Monday. Considering the three largest networks, Galp increased the price of gasoline by 10.5 cents and diesel by 15.5 cents. BP raised the price of petrol by 8 cents and diesel by 12 cents. Repsol raised the price of petrol by 7.5 cents and that of diesel by 14.5 cents.

Thus, this morning, the price of diesel was around 1.95 euros per liter. The best quality diesel costs more than 2 euros per litre.

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