They wait months for an exam to confirm a cancer diagnosis

Europacolon denounces serious delays in hospitals in the North in carrying out post-screening colonoscopies. The armed forces hospital will help the ARS.

There are patients with a positive screening result for colon and rectal cancer who wait up to eight months to be able to have a colonoscopy, the test that confirms if they have a tumor in the intestine. The response of hospitals, especially in the North, has worsened with the pandemic, denounces the association Europacolon, asking for an urgent solution to this “public health problem”.

The hospitals contacted by JN deny the delays and the Regional Health Administration (ARS) North says that the number of colonoscopies for these patients has doubled in 2021, of which all the hospitals in the region are already involved in the response and will soon join the Porto pole of the armed forces hospital.

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