NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars has a rocky ride on one of its wheels

NASA's Perseverance Rover on Mars has a rocky ride on one of its wheels

This persevering image of the February 25 rover shows the rock behind the wheel. Elected “Photo of the week” for week 54.


This story is part welcome to marchour series exploring the red planet.

If you’ve ever stuck a pebble in your shoe, you sympathize with NASA’s roving probe. The moving Mars Explorer grabbed a rock on one of its wheels and it got stuck for a while. The rock is not a stone, but neither is it a small pebble.

Space enthusiasts observe the rock. the voice of the public Summary of February 25 Like a “picture of the week” to persevere last week. O The Traveler’s Last Look From March 2.

NASA publishes Rover raw footage on a rolling base. Looking back in the files I found at least the rocks shown in the car scratch prevention camera photos Already on February 6although he did not carry out a full historical investigation.

Since Perseverance seems to have adopted a pet rock, I contacted NASA to see if anyone has already dubbed it. Otherwise, I suggestRocco“That would be a good idea.

Six Perseverance wheels are aluminum, with lugs that give traction on Jezero Crater’s rough, rocky and dusty terrain. Each wheel is 20.7 inches (52.5 cm) in diameter. The latest sports rover designed by NASA is upgraded from Worn wheels from Curiosity’s oldest rover But it still works after many years on the red planet.

Rock does not diminish the perseverance of skating. The rover carried trucks across Mars, Setting new driving records Besides. On the contrary, it speaks to the robust design of the wheels of the rover. If I had such a big rock in my shoes, I wouldn’t go anywhere.

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