Dengue fever cases are increasing in Bahia, in Eunpolis there are cases of hospitalization, the risk is great

According to an article published on the Bahianoticias website, this Saturday 5, Bahia recorded 9 deaths from dengue fever between January 2 and February 19, 2022. The information was confirmed by the State Health Department (Sesab ).

According to Sesab, among the deaths registered in the Information System for Disease Notification (SINAN), 5 were identified with a closure classification as dengue deaths in the following municipalities: 3 in Porto Seguro (10, 12 and 24 years old); 1 at the Prado (31 years old); 1 in Salvador (40 years old). Already 4 deaths have been recorded in the investigation process: 1 in Lapo (2 years); 1 to Lus Eduardo Magalhes (10 years old); 1 in Ubara (27 years old) and 1 in Juazeiro (27 years old).
Although the municipality of Eunpolis does not appear in this graph of the State Health Department, the report of agazetabahia revealed that this Friday 4, people affected by the disease, in particular hospitalized, were in a city ​​hospital.

We spoke with municipal officials linked to the Department of Health about dengue fever cases in the municipality. They explained that the efforts are redoubled, however, the sector is struggling to carry out the work, due to lack of equipment.
Our report spoke to Health Secretary Davi Souza, he scheduled the conversation for next week, saying he was dealing with other urgent requests.

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