Pressure for the government to reduce the FAI in the face of the sharp rise in prices

After all, the rise in gasoline and diesel prices on Monday will be higher than initially expected. Thanks to the rise in the price of a barrel of Brent, which closed Friday at 118.18 dollars, the increase should be 10 cents for simple gasoline 95 and 16 cents for simple diesel. The National Association of Fuel Dealers (ANAREC), the PSD, the BE and the CDS defend the reduction of the ISP (tax on petroleum products) because they consider that the measures announced by the government are insufficient.

Throughout the country, there were many queues at gas stations for those who wanted to fill up.
In Portugal, the price of fuel is the result of the average price of oil and refined products of the previous week. With the invasion of Ukraine, Brent – which serves as a benchmark for Portugal – closed Friday night at its highest level since August 2008.

Monday will be the tenth consecutive increase since the beginning of the year and the highest ever recorded. To mitigate the effect of the increase in fuel, the government announced a set of measures such as the increase of the AutoVoucher discount from five to 20 euros.

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