fuels. What changes from Monday?

How much is the increase from Monday?

The fuels will go up from Monday. According to industry sources, the increase will be at least 14 cents (diesel) and eight cents (petrol). It turns out to be a historic price increase.

How much does a liter of diesel cost? And gasoline?

According to the reference tariffs of the National Entity for the Energy Market (ENSE), the average price of simple diesel is currently 1,754 euros per litre. From Monday you can get almost 1.90 euros. For its part, petrol 95 currently costs, on average, 1,795 euros per litre. With Monday’s rise, it can reach 1.88 euros. This means that the average cost of diesel could be higher than that of gasoline.

What justifies this increase?

On Friday, the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba, explained that “there will be measures to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices”. Although, Due to the context of the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and the drought, “it is impossible” to cancel this increase, given that “the crisis exists and will have impacts, so it is not possible to eliminate those impacts, we can mitigate them,” he said.

The official also explained that it is “a question of minimization, mitigation and choosing the priority sectors that must be protected”.

What measures will be taken to mitigate the increase?

Following the announcement of this increase, the government will increase the value of the Autovoucher from five euros to 20 euros in March. In addition, the carbon tax will also be suspended until at least the end of June.

Finance Minister João Leão explained on Friday that “given the increase in fuel prices and the increase planned for next week, we had to act immediately”.

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