Bandcamp was sold to the company that made the game “Fortnite”

Bandcamp was purchased by Epic Games, the company that created the “Fortnite” game. The purchase was announced on Wednesday by the music promotion and sales platform, via its website.

Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond said the platform will “continue to function as a music marketplace and a community, and I will continue to lead it.” “The products and services you trust won’t go anywhere. We will continue to build Bandcamp from our model,” says Ethan Diamond, referring to the system that allows artists to receive most of the profits made from sales.

The acquisition by Epic Games will allow Bandcamp to “expand internationally” and develop “basic things like album pages, mobile applications or the payment system”. “Bandcamp’s mission is to help spread the healing power of music, creating a community where artists enjoy direct fan support. Epic is a partner who believes, as we do, that the future of music and art depends on creating equitable and inclusive communities.

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