The Town Hall benefits from the support of the Air Base to intensify actions against Aedes aegypti

From Monday April 7 to April 1, the Department of Health will have ten soldiers from the São Paulo Air Base to reinforce the fight against Aedes aegypti due to the high rate of mosquito infestation identified in Guarulhos. The joint action, which will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., will begin in the Jardim Presidente Dutra neighborhood and will continue to Bonsucesso and Vila Sadokim. So far, 28 cases of dengue and two of chikungunya have been confirmed in the city this year.

The work, which consists of a door-to-door visit for the mechanical elimination of potential breeding sites for the mosquito vector of dengue fever, chikungunya and the zika virus, in addition to the supervision of residents, will be carried out in pairs. , with an agent from the health service at the Center for the Fight against Zoonoses (CCZ) and a soldier duly trained by the health teams.

The intensification action takes place exactly after the assessment of the larval density (ADL) carried out in February of this year, which showed an index of 2.4, that is to say on one hundred properties inspected, in 2.4 of them larvae of the Aedes aegypti and, therefore, the situation in the municipality is one of alert. The neighborhoods to work until the end of the month are all those whose index is greater than 0.9.

It should be mentioned that the teams will be correctly identified, with a complete vaccination schedule against covid-19 and that, even when immunized, they will adopt safety measures such as the use of masks, social distancing, hygiene of hands and the use of other individual protection. equipment (PPE). ) appropriate. Therefore, the Town Hall asks the inhabitants of the whole city to collaborate so that they receive agents and soldiers in the fight against the diseases transmitted by the Aedes aegypti.

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