“Stop saying President Putin. He’s a dictator”


The historic chess name took to Twitter to hurl strong criticism at Vladimir Putin and took the opportunity to warn of the dangers approaching with escalating violence in Ukraine.

Former world chess champion, writer and fervent opponent of Vladimir Putin, Garry Kasparov, wrote on the social network Twitter a sequence of statements in which he strongly attacked the Russian leader.

Kasparov began by giving an overview of the war in Ukraine, stating that the conflict “has reached the stage of the massacre of civilians”, which the chess player says is part of a plan by Putin. “This is part of Putin’s global war against the civilized world, international law, democracy and any threat to his power.”

Then messages and recommendations were left for NATO suggesting that unless tougher action is taken against Putin, he will not hesitate to continue the streak of destruction. “A dictator who has already exceeded all limits cannot be prevented from continuing in moderation. If he destroys Ukraine, he will not stop.”

To these messages was added an appeal to certain members of the Russian population itself. “It is always tragic that ordinary people are suffering, but they are not bombarded at home like Ukrainians. Every element of Russian society that can put pressure on Putin must know that he must choose between him and everyone else. Some will seize hold it.” until him, but for how long?”

Kasparov ended this sequence with a final appeal, this time to the media on the treatment of Putin, whom he considers a “dictator”. “To all officers and media: STOP CALLING ‘PRESIDENT PUTIN’! He’s a dictator. Words have power. He doesn’t deserve a Democratic title. This is Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

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