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03/04/2022Coronavirus Bulletin 04/03

Ribeirão Pires received 5 positive cases of covid today, totaling 7,832 confirmed cases of the disease. 15 negative results were received, totaling 32,510 cases rejected. There are 73 suspects in laboratory analysis, including 3 deaths. The city has 412 confirmed deaths from the disease.

Of the total number of positive cases, 7,200 people have already recovered – they have been discharged from hospital and/or have completed quarantine and no longer have symptoms.

On this date (04/03), there are no hospitalized patients in the municipal network of the city, at the Santa Luzia Hospital Complex.

There are no patients hospitalized at Ribeirão Pires Hospital (network of private units that have become a reference for its network in the management of COVID-19 cases), in an intensive care bed

The Municipality of Ribeirão Pires points out that the update of the data on the cases of COVID-19 in the municipality is based on the notifications made within the municipality and also on the information provided by the Secretary of Health of the Government of the State of Sao Paulo.

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