Epic Games buys independent music store Bandcamp

Bandcamp, an online music store for independent artists, announced on Wednesday (2) that it had been acquired by Epic Games, the giant video game organization responsible for the Fortnite phenomenon.

According to Ethan Diamond, CEO and co-founder of Bandcamp, the purchase of the company by Epic Games will not present any changes in its operations, the organization continuing to operate with the same products and services available before.

In the acquisition announcement, Diamond explains that Epic Games’ entry into the management of Bandcamp will help the company with international expansion plans, as well as mobile application development and implementation. ‘other payment systems — the store, so far, only accepts transactions in dollars. .

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The purchase price of Bandcamp has not been entered

Epic Games’ Fortnite game features cross-platform promotions of musical artists. (Image: Advertising/Epic Games)

During the announcement of the purchase of Bandcamp by Epic Games, the value of the acquisition was not disclosed, as well as post-acquisition plans beyond helping the group’s international expansion. Marlet of music.

But given the games giant’s approach to the music market in recent years, including using the game Fortnite as virtual show platform during the pandemicthe acquisition of Bandcamp can be seen as an effort by Epic Games to get closer to independent artists.

Finally, still in the announcement of the acquisition, Epic Games comments that Bandcamp is committed to operations on transparent and open platforms – he says that this can be interpreted as an indirect Apple and to googlecompanies that Epic has had recent friction in courtdue to payment terms of third-party apps used in their own stores.

Source: MusicBusinessWorld

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