Electricity, gas, supermarkets are going up in price. Diesel increases by 14 cents

Marcelo Camargo / ABr

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the barrel of oil has skyrocketed, gas has reached record highs, electricity has soared, and the price of various foods has deteriorated. Inevitably, the consequences of the war will touch the pockets of the Portuguese.

O ECO begins the analysis with oil, noting that Brent is traded in London, which serves as a benchmark for Portuguese imports, over $110. This will have an impact on diesel and gasoline in Portugal.

The general secretary of Apetro said this Thursday that there will be “price adjustments” next Mondaybased on average refined product prices, after diesel and gasoline prices rose more than two cents this week.

Meanwhile, Lusa reports this morning that diesel and gasoline prices will skyrocket with rises above 14 and eight cents per literrespectively, as a result of rising prices of petroleum products in international markets, according to industry sources.

According to the reference prices of the National Entity for the Energy Market (Ense), the average price of simple diesel is today 1,754 euros per liter and should start on Monday. get closer to 1.90 euros per literwhile the average price of gasoline 95 – currently at 1,795 euros per liter – will reach 1.88 euros per liter.

Thus, next week, the average price of diesel should exceed that of gasoline.

The upward trend will also be reflected in the bottled gas. Bottled gas prices are free, so the impact shouldn’t be long in coming. As for natural gas, which works like electricity, there is a regulated market with a price set by the ERSE and a liberalized market where the price is set freely and competitively by suppliers.

The ERSE reviews gas prices on the regulated market every three months, so an increase could come soon.

in the case of electricitynamely the regulated market where the price is set by the ERSE, there may be an extraordinary quarterly update (in this case, for April and then in July).

However, this chapter includes the measures that the government is preparing that can mitigate or cancel this price increase. The executive of António Costa will provide 150 million euros from the Environmental Fund to reduce the costs of access to the network that appear on the electricity bill.

At liberalized marketthe issue is more complex: there are cases where the fixed price is guaranteed for one year, but the supplier can change it according to market price fluctuations, even if he must give at least 30 days’ notice.

THE supermarket bill it will also increase due to rising energy costs, severe or extreme drought and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, both countries being one of the world’s major grain suppliers.

Although a price increase seems inevitable, depending on the products you consume, it is not known when this will happen.

Before the war broke out, the director general of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED), Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, told Lusa that the price increase was “around 10% in some cases”, referring to cereals, meat, rice, pasta, among other products.

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