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This year about Mobile World Congress – one of the biggest tech shows in the world taking place in Spain – we’ve put together a selection of articles with some of the products featured and marked the event in terms of consumer electronics. This 2022 edition of the MWC took place from February 28 to March 3. O MoreTechnology maintains the commitment to inform and, in this sense, has decided to ensure that information reaches our readers.

In a week of high tensions and armed conflict in Eastern Europe, the subject of technology has been overshadowed – and for good reason, it is none the less the case – and some of the highlights of the industry ended up being overshadowed by the darkness of the invasion of a European country – Ukraine – compromising not only the integrity of the country itself, but also that of Europe. Between fast chargers, new mobile phones and bluetooth headsets, the MWC 2022 is marked by the partial return to normality with something hybrid between the physical or digital presence at the event.

This informative relief is part of the initiative “Weekly briefing” developped by MoreTechnology and published (almost) every Sunday with those who were the highlights of the week, but in this case with a particular and special summary of the coverage of the Mobile World Congress which ran until Thursday. Haven’t you been paying attention last week? Discover our informative selection published on February 27 and follow us on our social networks (where it is also available).


1. mobile phones — 02/28/2022

MWC 22: Xiaomi presents POCO M4 Pro and POCO X4 Pro

The Pocophone X4 Pro 5G is the latest bet from Xiaomi’s subsidiary brand, which not only aims to deliver a premium experience, but also a more affordable approach. This is a common occurrence among Chinese manufacturers as they take larger positions in the mobile phone market. This device has a 120 Hz AMOLED screen, the famous 108 MP camera and many other features that you can and should check out on our website.

of them. mobile phones — 02/28/2022

MWC 22: TCL 30 series adds five new handsets in Europe

The new TCLs were to be announced – specifically, two of them in January, from the 30 series – however, it was expected to launch a total of eight mobile phones worldwide during the year 2022. During the MWC 2022, seven of these eight mobile phones have already been released, only one model is missing to succeed the TCL 20 Pro launched last year. Consult our article and discover the characteristics of the models presented.

3. Charging and cell phones — 02/28/2022

MWC 22: Oppo announces the fastest fast charging on the market 240W SuperVOOC

It was also present – ​​Oppo – which presented some novelties, among which the new super (or hyper) fast charger which offers incredible potential. Apparently, this charger allows incredible charging times. This comes after Xiaomi introduced ‘HyperCharge’ which enables 200W charging. The 150W SuperVOOC was something that was previously announced and will hit the market in the next few months, however, now it looks like the 240W is going to revolutionize the world of mobile phones. Check out our article and see how amazing this news is.

4. mobile phones — 02/28/2022

MWC 22: We already know when the OnePlus 10 Pro will launch globally

After the announcement of Oppo’s merger with OnePlus, several rumors and fears invaded the most affectionate consumers of OnePlus, however, the two manufacturers made it very clear with different objectives and commitments (albeit on a common way). Keeping the initial information, the new OnePlus continues to have the OxygenOS mask, in this case the new OxygenOS 12.1, and the update to OxygenOS 13 is already under discussion.

5. (more…) Mobile phones — 01/03/2022

MWC 22: Honor announces Magic 4 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to conquer the world

Honor is back in force with new models to fight the medium-high segment. And yes… until now, we were talking almost exclusively about mobile phones, we wouldn’t be talking about the Mobile World Congress — at a time when the development of mobile phones has become one of the main engines of technological development — even if we were already used for the launch of other consumer electronics. This Honor Magic4 series will be available from the second quarter of 2022, and we still don’t know if it will be available in Portugal. Check out the specs of this amazing model on our website.

6. listeners — 01/03/2022

MWC 22: Honor beats Apple and announces Earbuds 3 Pro with temperature sensor

Regardless of the fact that Honor didn’t provide many details when announcing the new headsets at MWC 2022, it was certain that it would come with some cool “features”. Core features of the Earbuds 3 Pro include Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) which adapts to the user based on the listening environment. In any case, we invite you to consult our article to verify everything that is known so far.

After this last presentation, the event focused, mainly on 5G and the sanctions applied to Russia which prevented the presentation of Russian brands, in a clear step of refusal and application of trade sanctions in what is one of the biggest technology events in the world. Check out our articles and find out what the next few months could look like.

Thank you for following us so far. This summary edition of the MWC 2022 ends here, however, know that this Sunday the second edition of the “Weekly briefing“. until next year (CMW)!

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