Jerónimo Martins withdraws 16 Russian and Belarusian products from supermarkets in Poland and lowers prices of basic products in stores on the border with Ukraine

Biedronka, the Polish chain Jerónimo Martins, has withdrawn from sale 16 products of Russian and Belarusian origin and lowered the prices of around 50 essential products in 43 stores located near the border with Ukraine.

Contacted by Lusa, an official source of Jerónimo Martins, owner of Biedronka in Poland, a country which has received thousands of Ukrainian refugees, she indicated that “so far” the activity of the supermarket chain “has not was not affected”.

When asked if there had been a change in the buying habits of Polish consumers, the same source replied no.

“What we have seen is a great mobilization of our customers to support Ukrainian citizens through the purchase for the donation of toys, hygiene products and food,” said Jerónimo Martins.

Regarding the measures taken by the company, the same source added that, on February 25, “Biedronka announced non-refundable financial support of 1,000 zlotys [cerca de 211 euros, à taxa de câmbio atual] to its Ukrainian staff, who only have to submit an application which has been prepared to be very simple”.

On February 28, “the first day of the payment of this aid, 600 employees who had already applied received this aid (Biedronka employs around 1,800 Ukrainian employees),” added the same source.

On the same day, Biedronka and the Biedronka Foundation “announced the launch of a joint program, with an investment of 10 million zlotys [2,1 milhões de euros] to support Ukrainians arriving in Poland to flee the war”.

Jerónimo Martins’ Polish supermarket chain has allocated five million zlotys (more than a million euros) “to distribute certain basic products like food – especially those with a long shelf life, such as water , instant soups, canned meat, coffee, tea or powdered milk for children – personal hygiene and cleaning products”.

This distribution “is carried out in partnership with institutions such as Cáritas Polska or the Polish Red Cross, the cost of logistics also being borne by Biedronka”, he specified.

The Biedronka Foundation has allocated an additional five million zlotys “to support refugees, in cooperation with solidarity institutions that accompany Ukrainians and know their needs”. This program “applies to refugees without family or contacts in Poland” and one of the initiatives will be the distribution of vouchers.

“Biedronka will simplify the process of employability of Ukrainian citizens for its stores and distribution centers” and the group “will provide psychological support to Ukrainian employees”, underlined an official source of the group that owns Pingo Doce.

Besides Portugal and Poland, Jerónimo Martins is present in Colombia.

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