LE BALLON – Former ‘boss’ Bernie Ecclestone defends Putin: “Direct and honorable person” (Formula 1)

Known publicly for his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, 91, came to the Kremlin chief’s defense after he decided to invade and attack the ‘Ukraine.

Even without making great comments about the unfolding armed conflict, Ecclestone left some eulogies about Putin.

“As a person, I find him very straightforward and honourable. He said exactly what he was going to do without looking back,” the former executive told Times Radio.

In the interview, the former F1 boss was confronted with the fact that Putin had previously denied he would invade Ukraine. The answer was illuminating and promises to be controversial:

“Circumstances change, or not?”

According to the former Formula 1 strongman, the Russian Grand Prix, which has since been canceled, should have taken place and should not have been under pressure from the drivers not to take place.

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