Elden Ring is the fastest selling Soulslike

Ring of Elden outmoded dark souls 3 and is now the best-selling Soulslike game of its kind. FromSoftware’s version sold 26% more physical copies than the third chapter dark souls.

Most of the game’s physical sales went to PlayStation 5, about 65%. PC case sales were up 3%, while Xbox and PS4 divided the rest. please note that dark souls 3 was released in 2016, when sales of physical copies were stronger.

Apparently, the digital sales of Ring of Elden are doing well too. According to data aggregator SteamDB, the various versions of the game took four spots on the list of the top five best-selling titles on Steam when it launched on February 24.

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Elden Ring’s Japanese-exclusive pack took the top spot in the rankings, while the standard version took second place. Third place goes to the Deluxe Edition.

The open world of Elden Ring is a new dynamic for From Software games. (Screenshot: Durval Ramos/Canaltech)

The success was also converted into other records. Ring of Elden peaked at 764,835 players on Steam. The number far exceeds other versions of FromSoftware, such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (peak of 125,000 players) and dark souls 3 (peak of 129 thousand).

In Ring of Elden, the player embodies a Tainted warrior guided by the force of Grace to wield the power of the Pristine Ring and become a Pristine Lord. The plot takes place in the Midlands, a place ruled by Queen Marika.

Combining FromSoftware’s formula of challenging combat and an open world, the title is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox OnePlayStation 5, Xbox series S, Xbox series X and PC (via Steam).

Source: dotesports

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