Apple will be able to change the iPhone SE 3 and present it at a competitive price

The new iPhone SE should be the next smartphone presented by Apple. It should change much of what the brand already has on the market and renew itself with new arguments, especially in hardware and some new technologies.

With a lot of rumors circulating about the iPhone SE 3, there is an important news that has now emerged. The possible price of this smartphone has been revealed and it should be very competitive, being even lower than that of last year’s model.

Apple iPhone SE smartphone price

Apple should change the price of this smartphone

We may be a few weeks away from discovering Apple's new iPhone SE and all that this new model will bring. This is a model that fits into a lower price range and becomes the option for many users.

New information has come to show what the new price of this Apple phone update could be. What has been revealed puts the new price of the iPhone SE 3 at the $300 level, a value that puts it below the $390 of the 2020 model.

Apple iPhone SE smartphone price

The iPhone SE 3 should cost a lot less

This new information comes from analyst John Donovan to whom they revealed this new price line. The value presented is thus 25% lower than last year's models, a strange thing for what is normal at Apple. At the same time, this reduction may make sense in some important scenarios.

The much-talked-about 5G model, the iPhone SE Plus, is expected to be a reality and could reach the $399 level. This will be a very competitive price for a smartphone with 5G, at a time when the market begins to adapt to this new technology.

Apple iPhone SE smartphone price

Apple will also bet on the fight against Android

An immediate result of this price change will be the tweak the 2020 model might receive. This smartphone should go down to values ​​that are around 299 or 199 dollars. With these values, it would be able to compete with many of the latest Android models.

If this change is confirmed, Apple may be able to gain an important position in the smartphone market. This will allow the iPhone SE to compete on several fronts, even with the 2020 model, in a price range where customers want to be sure to pay the minimum.

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