After a pause in the pandemic, Iberia will receive 9 new aircraft this semester alone

Airplane Airbus A350-900 Iberia
A350-900 – Photo: Adam Moreira / CC BY-SA 4.0via Wikimedia Commons

In a sign of the gradual recovery that Iberia is experiencing in all the markets where it operates, the airline, which flies regularly between Spain and Brazil, has resumed the delivery schedule for planes affected by the pandemic.

Specifically, in the first half of 2022, Iberia will add nine aircraft to its fleet, with three A350-900s for long-haul routes and another six A320neo for short and medium-haul routes.

“The arrival of new aircraft is a clear symptom of a recovery that we expect to consolidate this year and, moreover, will allow us to offer a very ambitious summer program, increasing the efficiency of our operations and advancing our commitment to sustainability. The additions to the fleet are the best news we can give to our own employees, for whom it will be a much needed dose of enthusiasm after these two years of pandemic”, commented Javier Sánchez-Prieto, president of Iberia.

Eleven new Airbus A350-900s

Of the order for 20 Airbus A350-900s, 11 have yet to be delivered. The first, registered EC-NMZ and named “Hello, Madrid”, arrived last Wednesday, February 23, and two more will be added in the first quarter of the year, with which Iberia will already have 12 units in its fleet.

The other eight Airbus A350-900s will be added gradually until 2024 and, in addition, they will be equipped with a new configuration of Business, Premium Tourist and Tourist cabins that will improve the travel experience for Iberia customers.

Six Airbus A320neo with Airspace cabin

It is also expected that a total of six Airbus A320neos will be added to Iberia’s fleet during this year, which will replace planes the airline has retired during the pandemic to accommodate lower demand.

Specifically, the first two were incorporated in February and the next four will be in the coming months. All these new A320neos are equipped with the “Airspace” cabin, with more comfortable interiors for customers, larger luggage compartments for hand luggage, more space on board for passengers thanks to redesigned side panels , new ambient lighting in the cabin (“ambient light”) and sinks with antibacterial finish; among other improvements.

With the arrival of these six A320neos, Iberia will have 14 aircraft of this model. The other three units that have not yet arrived will be incorporated in 2023.

Eight more Airbus A321XLRs

The first aircraft of the order of eight A321XLR units that IAG placed with Iberia in 2019 is expected to arrive at the end of 2023. This new aircraft model will allow the airline to operate new transatlantic destinations and increase frequencies on key markets.

The Group’s current fleet comprises 147 aircraft: 75 Iberia, from the A350, A330 and A320 families; 19 from Iberia Express, from the A320 family; and 53 others from Air Nostrum.

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