Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia, is offline Pplware

Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, which immediately created a wave of solidarity for the Ukrainian country across the world, in addition to strengthening negative feelings against President Vladimir Putin.

In addition to the physical war, a digital war is also being waged against Russia, through various computer attacks. And the latest information indicates that Sberbank, which is the largest bank in Russia and also in Eastern Europe, has just gone offline!

Pending the outcome of the talks between Ukraine and Russia, in the hope of an agreement that will immediately lead to a ceasefire in Zelensky's country, the war continues, both inside and outside. 'outside. And all were called to help, creating the IT ARMY of Ukraine, an open group where everyone can participate in this real digital army. The objective is the computer attack of several important Russian services, in order to make them completely inactive.

Sberbank offline!

In this regard, through the IT ARMY group, Ukraine informed that the bank's website Sberbank is offline. Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and also in Eastern Europe, with the Central Bank of Russia being its largest shareholder in the bank, with 60% of the company's shares.

When we try to access the site, we then find the image we see above, after a long period of trying to open, but without success. The IT ARMY group also shared several other details about this attack which completely shut down the bank's online service.

The situation of the bank is therefore even more serious, since only yesterday the media reported that the Sberbank branch in Russia was at risk of bankruptcy.

Updated 02/20/2022, 12:39

At the moment, the website of the Russian Federal Security Service is also offline:

So this is another important consequence of the backlash of the Ukraine-supporting community against Russia, and we'll be watching for further developments. You can also keep up to date with all the developments of cyberattacks on the IT ARMY of Ukraine Telegram channel:

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