Dengue fever in Goiás: 200% increase in cases and four confirmed deaths

The rainy season and the negligence of the populations in the fight against the breeding grounds of the mosquito responsible for dengue fever aggravate the situation (Photo: publicity)

Health authorities in Goiás have warned the population about the growth in the number of dengue cases this year in the state. In the first six weeks of the year, the number of people infected increased by 215% and four deaths from the disease were confirmed. Eight others are under investigation, suspected to have been caused by the mosquito. Aedes aegypti.

To the Central Brazil Newspaper This Thursday (24), the state coordinator for the fight against dengue at the State Department of Health (SES), Murilo do Carmo, said that the rainy season and the negligence of people in the fight against breeding grounds of the mosquito that causes dengue fever aggravate the situation.

Currently, 62 municipalities in Goiás are at high risk of transmission of the disease, that is, they have a record of more than 300 cases per group of 1,000 inhabitants. To help municipalities in the fight against the transmitting mosquito, the Department of Health has acquired 20 heavy bombs, called smoke bombs. They are already being assembled and equipped. The coordinator also reminds that the participation of the population is important in the inspection of places where the Aedes aegypti mosquito proliferates.

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