White Angels cheerleader announces he won’t be at Estádio da Luz and points finger at Benfica – V. Guimarães

The White Angels (WA) announced this Thursday that they will not be present at the Estádio da Luz on Sunday, criticizing Benfica for what happened. The slap affects V. Guimarães exposed the fact that it is necessary “to return the citizen card to the service” of the reds to buy a ticket. Through a Facebook post, the WA also guaranteed that the Eagles ‘do not act with the reciprocity of attitude they got in the first-round match’, when the match was played at D Afonso Henriques.

Read the full statement:

Faced with the obligation to provide personal data, with the DELIVERY of the Citizen Card to the services of the club visited (!), so that tickets can be purchased for the match next weekend in Lisbon, WA99 informs that they will not represent, as a group, in this meeting.

During the first round match, when Benfica visited our stadium, and still with the famous “fan card” in force, Vitória complied with the law: it made available the ZCEAP sector (where identification is required) and also made the sector available for what the law qualifies as “normal supporters” (where identification is not required).

For next weekend’s match, and with the fan card already revoked but with its segregative and discriminatory principles still active, we are faced with this situation: any ticket issued to Vitória supporters, requires the delivery of personal data (have access to our CC).

We are very surprised that those in charge of Benfica have these attitudes, knowing that they could also harm their supporters but above all that they do not respect the law and do not act with the reciprocity of attitude that they obtained in the first round. .

It is no longer enough to see more and more supporters/club members being treated as “customers” and we still have to submit to this type of discriminatory and segregating attitudes which have only one goal: to leave football to the ‘vultures’ who just see it as a business and that they can banish the ‘opposition’ to that very business which is the fans’ passion for their clubs.

A quick note for club leaders: with very few exceptions, you are all elected by club members. Shut up, stick your head in the sand or try to pretend nothing is happening, is only complicit in this attack on the fans’ passion for their clubs. There are, in all clubs, all types of members. We all have duties but also rights. Any attempt at segregation and discrimination must be totally opposed. It will be needless to say that the club “are the members/supporters” but when their rights have to be defended, their leaders are silent.

We will always find a way to support our club.

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